Kumu Karen's 5-Day Lomilomi Retreat, and Hawaiian Healing Journey

Experience 5 days of healing bliss with Kumu Karen, an amazing Native Hawaiian healer. Learn the ancient style of Lomilomi that is not found in textbooks, but comes directly through spirit.

Lomilomi is the power of touch, in the spirit of Aloha! We start with "Kamana'o 'io", Hawaiian Values, where we find our connection to our past, present, and future. We learn the Hawaiian way, with love and caring; discovering our spiritual gifts and nurturing our intuition. Learn the "Huna," secrets of the past, to open the portal of learning. The retreat includes the full-body table massage with Opu Huli, the ancient Hawaiian art of setting the stomach back into alignment. Learn the ancient "Oli, and pule," chants and prayers, that can transform!

This is the beginning of your journey to find who you really are, your spiritual gifts, and your special way of sharing love and healing with others. The deep connection to spirit, will speak to your heart, and the answers you seek will unfold in their proper time.

This retreat is not limited to massage therapists, but to EVERYONE who has the desire to help others, and be a blessing in their lives.

You will also learn to do the seated Lomilomi massage. While sitting in a chair, tension, stress, and pain held in areas of the head, neck, shoulders, and arms, just melt away!

As we go deeper into the ancient teachings of the past, we learn to balance our energy and to bring the body, mind, and spirit into alignment. Spiritual cleansing, "Ho'oponopono", releasing the memories of the past, and the Aka cord cutting ceremony make our spirit light! You will learn, "Ho'ihi," respect for the culture, the "'Aina", land, and all people. You will feel connected to spirit, cherished, and loved unconditionally .

You will be immersed in the mana of Hawaii, embraced by the Spirit of Aloha! This is a journey to find "Lokahi," and "Malu," harmony, and inner peace. You will be empowered to make the shift in your life that will bring your life back into balance.

The lessons are in nature, at the ocean, relaxing under big shady trees, and under the stars at night. Moving, dancing, singing, and embracing our Inner Child, helps replenish our "mana," life force. It is not like any classroom you have ever experienced! You will be an honored guest in Kumu's home, and will be learning simple truths as you spend time with her. Kumu Karen's 5-Day Lomilomi Retreat and Hawaiian Healing Journey is limited to only 4 -5 participants. You will learn with gentleness, compassion, wisdom, and love.

The next available journeys in 2018 will be:

  • March 9-13
  • April 20-24
  • May 18-22
  • June 22-26
  • July 13-17

Kumu Karen's 5-Day Lomilomi Retreat and Hawaiian Healing Journey is, $2,495. Space is limited. A deposit of $500 is needed to hold your place. We accept major credit cards.

The retreat offers comfortable shared, island accommodations at Kumu's home, ground transportation during the retreat, sacred tours, and all delicious meals are included. Airfare is not included. The experience: PRICELESS!

For more information and to check availability, email Kumu Karen at: kumukaren@gmail.com, or call her at 808.228-3813.